Saturday, February 09, 2008

Light Study

Again, the weather out there is amazing. It's quite stormy but the sun is breaking through and there is almost a rainbow now. When I looked out the window, the thing that really got my attention was the quality of the light out there. Right here almost at my feet was the bright emerald green of the grass that is thriving in our early 'spring'. Above the grass the red tinged branches of the bare and leafless canes of the wild blackberry bushes. The sun coming from behind me, over the rooftops is just barely beginning to light the canes. Another step upward toward the skyline and there is the frothing foam of the whitecaps as the wind pushes the waves into the shoreline. The sea is reflecting the deep grey of the passing clouds. The lowest of the clouds are shaded darker because you can almost see the mountains in the distance through them. From there, the sky shades through a grey scale with light spots and darker spots and some that are almost pure white. The sky is bright and ever changing.

The eagles have been here since early morning when I awakened to a pair screaming a conversation from the top of the tree right here. As I'm taking the photos of the study of light, I realize that something is crossing my lens. I take the photo anyway and as I pull the camera from my face, realize it's an eagle flying by just over my lawn. Almost, I could reach out and touch it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Naturally, The Stormy Weather

Beautiful Stormy Weather

These first three photos are of my view. It was such a beautiful blusterly day.

This last photo was taken through my kitchen window. When I look at it, I can feel the window rattling in the wind and hear the pelting of the rain, slashing against the glass. It's those raindrops that are highlighted in the photo.