Monday, July 14, 2008

Flowers at the A Frame

Last evening when I took my little dog for a short walk, I took along the camera and found these gorgeous blooms at the A Frame Church just down the street. Some of them were in the community garden and some beside the building. The colours are inspiration to me.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beautiful Misty Rain

It's a beautiful misty rainy day today. Funny that this weather doesn't bother me. Though I woke up to rain today, I'm enjoying it. It's one of those misty rains that you get here with fog hanging along the shoreline blurring the view of the next island over. That's the dark shadows in the distance

And even before I finish this post, it's brightening. The fog is lifting and the sun is breaking through.

Bloomin' Port McNeill

Poppies in bloom in my pal Deborah's garden. Beautiful! I love the fragile beauty of poppies.

Blackberry bushes in bloom at the harbour. Looks like there will be an abundant crop!

Time on the Ocean

Some good friends of mine invited me to go out on the ocean with them in their new boat on Sunday. And of course I took a camera! You never know when there might be a photo op! This is the boat in which we travelled.

And this is the friend who owns the boat.

I was intrigued with the rock formations we saw on the back side of Haddington Island. The colours are amazing!

And finally, I couldn't resist this beautiful cluster of Foxglove flowers!