Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rust and Fall Colours

Rusty Folk Art

Wandering around my friend's property revealed some rusted metal bits that I can't help thinking of as "Folk Art". Items abandoned but still revealing a kind of allure; far from being an eyesore if viewed as "art" left by folks.

Garden Walk

How could I resist snapping a few photos in the garden? Though the plants were well beyond their peak, there was still a fascinating beauty to them.

Autumn in The Country

Interesting Sign

I hope that the patrons of this restaurant are absolutely clear on what hours they are open!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Telegraph Cove, 09/15/07

How peaceful a stroll can be on the boardwalk at Telegraph Cove in autumn.

Reflections in still water.

Moss gathers on a rusted old truck.

Mint blossoms.

Abundant salal berries.

Lily stamens heavy with pollen.

Beautiful Port McNeill

When you live somewhere for a long time you can become immune to the common everyday beauty. I often go for walks, hoping to take it all in with fresh eyes. The camera can help me to do that.

Boardwalk glows in the evening sun.

Sun setting at the top of the bay.

Pink sky in the west beyond the fishing boats.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lynn Canyon on 09/09/07

My good friend and I took a brief walk along the trails at Lynn Canyon on the North Shore in Vancouver today. (Don't forget that you can view the full size version of each image by clicking on it.)

This is William crossing the suspension bridge over the canyon. The bridge was loaded with people crossing and I couldn't wait to get across. Scared? Who me?

I was absolutely fascinated with the quality of light along the trail. Truly the photos don't do it justice.

Unfortunately there is nothing to put the "A" tree trunk in the photo into perspective, but just before I snapped this one, I woman had been standing in the center of it.

This beautiful crystal clear water way was singing and sparkling and dancing over the rocks.

Again...the quality of light caught my interest. How beautiful was the sunshine filtering between the trees to highlight areas of light and shadow.

What a magnificant hideaway here in the center of the city. And the best and open to the exploration of anyone with the courage to brave the swinging bridge. I'm so grateful my friend took me.

Park and Tilford Garden on 09/08/07

This garden continues to be one of my favourite places to take pictures. I was surprised to see that the rose garden was still resplendent with blossoms. Perhaps the best part of being there this day was meeting the amazing retired Quebec couple who had bicycled from Quebec to British Columbia.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Full Moon Rising

These photos were taken from my hotel window in Vancouver on August 27, 2007.

This was taken when I first saw the moon coming up.

This photo was a happy accident caused by a shaking hand. I love the result of the blurring of the lights.